Autor: Monika Paleczna

Cancer related PTSD symptoms in patients of all ages and their relatives, and general risk factors

Since the DSM-IV, a life threatening disease is considered as a potential source of PTSD. One of the core elements of the diagnosis is experiencing a traumatic event or being a witness of a close person experiencing it. For instance, cancer might be the stressor that affects not only patients, but also their relatives and caregivers. Cancer-related PTSD may occur at any stage of life (childhood and adolescence, adulthood, old age) and manifests itself in different ways.
The first purpose of this paper is to describe each age group, thus showing PTSD from the perspective of children and teenagers, adults, and seniors. The second aim is to present the symptoms in the parents, siblings, and children of cancer patients. The third task is to describe risk factors that affect the occurrence of PTSD. Additionally, there are suggestions regarding issues which deserve future consideration.
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2017;67(6):359-364PEŁNA TREŚĆ ARTYKUŁU: